Implementation Grants

The Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs (EEA) offers yearly grants to communities that have voted to participate in the Partnership (by Select Board, Town Meeting, or Mayoral Vote) and to regional organizations that work in the Partnership Region to advance the goals of the Woodlands Partnership.

Each community may submit or participate in only one application with the exception that a Regional Planning Agency or a community may apply on behalf of more than one community for a regional grant. A community may apply for a municipal grant and also participate in a regional application. Multiple applicants may be selected for funding.

There are currently no open calls for proposals. The next grant round will open in Summer 2025. For reference, the FY2025 application can be viewed here.

FY2024 awardees are detailed here. Grants awarded in previous years can be viewed here.

Climate Smart Road Maintenance


(invasives reduction) Completes an invasive species inventory and report for 15 miles of gravel roads through Windsor State Forest maintained by the Town and purchases a special mowing attachment to implement the plan.


Town Green Plantings for Resilience and Diversity


Completes the planting of the Town Green with a diversity of species to replace ash trees lost to the Emerald Ash Borer.


Highlands Regional Trail – Route and Landowner Agreements

Rowe and Heath

Creates a regional trail to link Shelburne across these two towns to the Mohawk Trail State Forest.


Pelham Lake Park – Implementing Climate Smart Forest Plan


Continues to implement one of the first climate smart forestry plans in the Commonwealth with treatment of ash trees and a trailhead exhibit.


Pierce Scenic Way – gaining access to forests for tourism


Completes the restoration of this scenic gravel road to give access to a large state-owned parcel. As with many of the grants, the Town will provide significant match when implementing of the project.


Implementing Climate Smart Forestry


Complements a $540,000 federal grant to conduct outreach and support to private and town forest managers to implement a range of climate smart forestry practices with federal funds.


Creation of a Trailhead Parking and Picnic Area

New Ashford

Funds the purchase of land and the development of a parking and picnic area to give residents and visitors access to the Mt. Greylock Reservation.


Launching the Woodcraft Collaborative

Lever, Inc.

(to support local wood businesses) Supports business development and marketing for dozens of small businesses that utilize local wood to produce a variety of products.


Greylock Glen Forest Center Exhibit


(forest and climate exhibit) Funds the design and installation of an exhibit in the new Forest Center to highlight the role of forests in stabilizing the impacts of climate change.


Greylock Glen Forest Center


(local wood, buildings and climate exhibit) Funds the design and installation of a climate exhibit about the benefits of using local wood in large buildings such as the Forest Center.


River Rafting Rescue Equipment


Purchases land and water rescue equipment for town first responders to safeguard the thousands of rafting visitors.


Riverside Woodland Walk and Native Plant Demonstration


Creates a riverside trail leading from the village and plants a diversity of pollinator and food-producing native species in partnership with local regenerative nurseries.


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